October is here, bringing two of my favorite things: fall weather,

And Halloween.

If you’re finding it hard to find the time to sneak away for a drive through the leaves, and if the word “Halloween” is making you feel stressed instead of excited, Fancy Hands can save you from a last-minute meltdown…

You know the one – running down the aisles of the grocery store on October 30, desperately searching for one last bag of candy, calling every costume store asking them what superhero costumes they have left in your size.

Fancy Hands can prevent all of that last minute frustration.

If you have kids, the assistants at Fancy Hands can track down hard-to-find costumes for you. Or if the kids haven’t yet decided on a character, our staff can research some great costume suggestions.

My personal favorite is Baby Lobster. 

If you don’t have kids, no worries – Dog Lobster is also an option.

And, of course:

Feel like going all out and decorating the house? 

If your inner Clark Griswold is dying to staple some lights up, let our assistants know what color and style bulbs you’re looking for, and we can track down as many strands as you need, at the best price.

When it comes to Halloween parties, we can help you source whatever you may need, and find the best prices - locations, catering services, candy, decorations, etc.

If you’re not into hosting, your Fancy Hands assistant can find local Halloween events for you and your family to attend.

That way, you’ll have time to do your nails.

Or do a little baking.

Have a happy Halloween month. 

Don’t party too hard. 

Assistants for everyone. Do what you love. We’ll do the rest.